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Calgary, AB T2H 0A6

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Service & Maintenance

Gas Fireplace Service You Can Trust

Hearth & Home is a family-owned business based in Calgary, and has been for over 30 years. We truly know and understand the needs of local homes and homeowners. Our team of experienced, passionate and professional experts specialize in turning a “typical Calgary home” into a warm, inviting and beautiful space that’s perfect for your family. Service and Inspection starts at $175.


Our gas fireplace maintenance program excels at customer care and loyalty with Hearth & Home’s 10-point checklist. It ensures that your fireplace will always be working at optimal conditions – whenever you need it.


Your home relies on a vibrant fireplace to provide your family with warmth and a place of sanctuary. It’s critical to maintain a gas fireplace on an annual basis and reduce risk of fire hazards. Our professional, experienced team provides Calgary with fireplace service and maintenance for all makes and models of gas fireplaces.


While Hearth and Home is best known for our beautiful custom designs, speedy installation, and fantastic service, we also know that cleaning and caring for your fireplace year after year will ensure you get the most out of your fireplace purchase by protecting the warranty, extending the life of the fireplace, and protecting your investment for many years.

Fireplace Repair

Dedicated Service For Fireplace Repairs In Calgary

With decades of experience with installations, maintenance, and fireplace repair in Calgary, Hearth & Home can help you decide on the best next steps for your gas fireplace. Our technicians have completed a wide range of fireplace repairs in Calgary, so they are familiar with all brands and types of fireplaces. Starting at $135 + parts and labor.


Hearth & Home provides gas fireplace repair in Calgary along with routine maintenance and fireplace parts. Our team of technicians have honed their skills by completing installations of all types of fireplaces, and we have completed fireplace repairs in Calgary for common and unique issues such as:

Burner replacements
Valve and ignition system repairs and replacements
Switch upgrades or replacements
Flame improvement packages
Performance upgrades
Blower and thermostat additions


If you are considering gas fireplace repair in Calgary, Hearth & Home will inspect your current fireplace and outline the options for retrofits, upgrades or new fireplaces. There isn’t one solution for all broken or well-used fireplaces, so our technicians will consider the current state of your fireplace and home before suggesting how to proceed. We want you to know what to expect before starting your Calgary gas fireplace repair.


Our fireplace repairs in Calgary will ensure you can use your fireplace safely – today and in the future. Along with our comprehensive fireplace maintenance, Hearth & Home’s fireplace technicians can fix issues to add new life to well-loved fireplaces. If your fireplace isn’t operating as expected, contact us for a consultation on a gas fireplace repair in Calgary.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Over time, the glass on your gas fireplace can become dirty due to the combustion process. The white film that builds up on a gas unit can be removed with a special “wax-like” cleaner available here at Hearth & Home. Using a paper towel or soft cloth, apply 2 quarter size dollops and spread evenly over the entire surface as if you were waxing your car. Let dry for 10-15 minutes before wiping/polishing it off. If your glass has an excess of dark carbon build up, we recommend scheduling a full clean and service, as it is likely the unit is not burning correctly. This is something most manufacturers suggest you have done every 1-3 years.

For cleaning the glass on your fireplace we recommend using a commercial cleaner sold here at Hearth & Home and following the directions on the bottle. This cleaner will generally get even the dirtiest of glass clean with just 1-3 treatments.

Gas fireplaces, like any other appliance, will collect dust, especially in units that have doors or louvres. The dust can be easily removed with a vacuum or soft cloth. If you have a fan in your fireplace, make sure that you wipe the fan blades free of dust and grime to prevent the fan from getting out of balance and becoming noisy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We recently had the gas fireplace in our customer waiting area serviced and cleaned by Hearth & Home. After many months of use during the winter, the fireplace was in desperate need of a complete service. Hearth & Home had an appointment available the same day as my call and the technician was right on schedule. During the visit, the technician was very professional and kept the work area tidy, minimizing any impact to our customers. Once the service was complete, we instantly noticed a difference in not only the appearance of the fireplace, but also how much more heat it produced. The technician reviewed all aspects of the work that had been performed and made sure we were completely satisfied before leaving. Based on the service we received, we would gladly recommend Hearth & Home to anyone requiring their gas fire placed serviced

Chris Adam, Bubbles Car Wash

I wanted to finally write this that you and your company deserve to have. Initially when I was in the market for a wood burning fireplace, I was brought over to one of your locations in Calgary. Initially I was planning to buy a large old style, black fireplace. I ended up getting a Wittis stand up, soapstone modern fireplace. What an amazing feature to have in my large acreage style mansion in Balzac west. The thing that sets you guys aside from all other competititon is not your diverse selection, or the warm demo showrooms. It is most definitely the service. It is so obvious that Hearth & Home will not be satisfied until the customer is. Thank you for all the time spent in person, on the phone, and your personal trips all the way out to my house to get the job done. WOW. Please feel free to re type or re structure this letter and I will sign it. It should be on your wall. I will always remember the experience. More companies need to act the way your guys do. Thank you for taking the time.

J. Lowe

A+ All ‘Round

As a project manager having to get a house reno’d and up for sale in a month, I knew a new fireplace would get the win! All the team members at Hearth & Home were excellent and pulled through for me! The new install is beautiful and I know I’ll be calling the team again for future sales…and just like my own fireplace, I can bet the new homeowners will love theirs too!…It was great working with experts!


Gas Fireplace Inspection & Cleaning

We required a rush job to clean & inspect our gas fireplace as part of the closing requirements on a property sale. I called Breanne @ Hearth & Home, and explained our situation & time constraints. Within 30min she had found us a technician to come on the same day to clean & inspect our gas fireplace. (This was on a Friday, prior to a long weekend). David (our technician) was professional, and thorough. When he was done, the fireplace looked like new, and all I can say is “wow”. From start to finish – Hearth & Home did a fantastic job. Thank you for accommodating our rushed request in such a professional manner. Will definitely recommend to anyone!


About Hearth & Home

Hearth & Home is a family-owned business based in Calgary, and has been for over 30 years. We truly know and understand the needs of local homes and homeowners. Our team of experienced, passionate and professional experts specialize in turning a “typical Calgary home” into a warm, inviting and beautiful space that’s perfect for your family.
From the smallest of fireplace designs to luxurious complete renovations, Hearth & Home is truly a one-stop fireplace company.
We are committed to enriching the experience of being at home for our customers, for our employees, and for everyone who shares this journey with us. We love making life better.